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Instagram Real Estate Beyond Likes – See why likes don’t matter for your real estate agency

Do you know how to have a good real estate Instagram? Without a doubt, this is one of the biggest concerns of brokers and real estate agents looking for a good position on the internet.

But often, knowledge about this tool can be quite polluted by other aspects that are not so important, such as likes.

Marking a good Instagram by the amount of likes in a photo or even by a large number of people following, is not the best thing to do.

You need, first of all, to have a marketing strategy that makes sense and that somehow Instagram is an important piece in the sales gear.

As complicated as this sounds, don’t worry.

In today’s article, you’ll understand exactly what to do so that you don’t have to focus exclusively on the number of likes or followers. But yes, in the return that people can generate in their real estate’s cash like smart city Lahore .

Keep reading to understand everything.

Instagram Imobiliário beyond likes – How to have a real estate Instagram to sell (and not just to have photo likes)

Instagram has become people’s darling social network. Today, people spend good hours of the day connected to their Instagram account. Either to pass the time or to learn something.

In other words, positioning your real estate agency on social networks is no longer a mere differential. It’s a way to get closer to people who have some interest in your products and services.

However, the big problem with all this is that the success or failure of an Instagram account is often marked by magic numbers, which actually don’t represent much: likes and followers.

Having millions of followers or thousands of likes on a photo can be an indication that people like that account. Only, are we going to combine? Likes don’t pay the end-of-the-month bills, do they?

That’s why you need to use social media (in this case Instagram) to sell.

And yes, it is possible to use Instagram to sell real estate or real estate services. And we’re going to teach you how to do this in a very practical way, so that you can get it off the ground today.

See the step by step:

  • Have a well-defined marketing strategy with clear objectives – What will Instagram’s role in this strategy be?
  • Design the profile and persona you want to reach on Instagram and talk to these people in a focused way;
  • Post valuable content on your real estate Instagram in a way that helps people with something (creates value);
  • Don’t be afraid to ask people for action – Use lots of CTAs to target audiences;
  • Exclude posting for posting just to be on people’s timelines;
  • Advertise on Instagram to reach more people with similar interests – And then remarket;

Before putting everything into practice, it is important that you understand the following: this is not a cake recipe. That is, you need to consider several extra ingredients, which are directly linked to your real estate, product or service itself.

So, to fully understand how to do this, follow each step explained from now on.

Have a well-defined marketing strategy with clear goals – What role will Instagram play in this strategy?

The first step for you to boost your real estate’s Instagram sales is to have a good digital marketing objective. Without taking this first step, it is impossible to do any work in a long-lasting, focused and results-generating way.

Without a marketing objective, the chances of us focusing on the wrong place are quite high – and with that, we resort to the number of likes and followers as a way to mark the work.

However, what you are going to do from today is totally different from that. Instagram will no longer be seen as just a social network. But yes, as a sales tool.

But for that, there needs to be a very clear plan to define what will be the true function of the social network in the middle of the plan. Because if this is not clear, the network will be just a place to deposit posts that will not be of much use.

Think of the social network as nothing more than a vehicle that will take your message to other people’s timelines. As is television, radio or the printed newspaper.

And, let’s face it: you’re not going to advertise anything on these common vehicles, are you? There will be some strategy work to place an ad in the right way.

Ideally, you look at social networking the same way. It’s a vehicle that has incredible potential to deliver messages to people that make sense of the marketing strategy itself.

But all this needs to be done without forgetting one detail: Instagram is also a social network. So, people aren’t there to see ads. But yes, to get along with other people.

Considering this simple criterion could change the game for your real estate agency. So, let’s understand how to maintain a social position, but with the objective of generating sales. Keep reading.

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Design the profile and persona you want to reach on Instagram and talk to these people in a focused way

Once you have a well-focused and well-targeted digital marketing strategy , with clear and well-defined goals, it’s time to start designing the profile and persona of the people you want to be your real estate clients.

Here on the blog, we’ve already taught you how you can create personas in a simple and quick way:  How to create a persona for real estate?

Without creating a persona, you’re doing something most people who are on Instagram do: talk to everyone.

On the internet, we can’t talk to everyone. On the contrary! We must align as much as possible the profile of the people we want to be our customers, so that we can focus our energies on talking to them.

In this case, we recommend that you focus on the following: quality is much better than quantity. In other words, you don’t need to have a hundred thousand followers on Instagram to sell.

The number of people is not relevant. But yes, their quality. It’s much better to just talk to ten people and make a sale than to have to talk to a hundred people to make the same sale, isn’t it?

And this is quite possible once you design the ideal customer persona and profile.

And how does it work? It’s very simple: you’ll make a list of characteristics and specifics of the people you want to buy from you. See an example persona:

  • Name: João Augusto;
  • Age: 32 years old;
  • Education: Graduated in higher education and working in the area;
  • Family: Married with two children up to 5 years old;

This is a very, very simple example of how you can start making the ideal persona for your products and services.

From this information, you will make highly focused posts and advertisements, use a language that speaks the language of the persona, and thus begin to connect to generate sales in the medium and long term.

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Post valuable content on your real estate Instagram in a way that helps people with something (creates value)

The third step to selling through a real estate Instagram is to post valuable content on the timeline or stories. That is, you cannot simply publish any content.

It is essential that this content is definitely good for the people who are following your real estate, so that you add value in their lives until a sale happens.

But what is valuable content?

Unlike a random post, a valuable content is one that will add something in the life of those who follow your real estate. It could be a tip, it could be a step by step, it could be a class on how to manage the finances to buy a property or whatever.

The most important thing is that the content has some practical meaning for your persona so that they remember your brand even after a long time.

To create great content on social media, we recommend reading our article on mental triggers:  10 Best Mental Triggers for Realtors .

Mental triggers are essential to build a close relationship with people, so that you say what they want to hear and when they need to hear it.

Once you generate value with the right words, people’s brains start to consider your brand or you (if you are self-employed) as an authority.

And when that happens, the chances of generating sales are multiplied, as the prospect enters a slightly more advanced stage of the sales funnel.

Don’t be afraid to ask people for action – Use lots of CTAs to target audiences

Have you ever heard of CTAs? This is an acronym that represents a call to action. That is, a Call to Action.

But what does this mean in practice? In short, you always need to call people to some action. When you call a person to take action, they feel much more encouraged to do something.

For example, if you post valuable content on your real estate Instagram, but you never show people what the next step is, they’re unlikely to buy anything from your real estate.

That is, for all the content you post, call people to see more, to subscribe to a list, to leave the contact, to download some free material or anything that makes sense for your strategy.

Attracting contacts is essential to build a relationship of trust in the medium and long term. And Instagram is a great tool to do that, so that you can bring people closer and closer to an eventual conversion.

Never fail to ask people for something!

Exclude posting for posting just to be on people’s timelines

This is a fundamental tip to make you have sales through Instagram: stop posting random content, with the idea that you need to post always.

As important as it is to post frequently, it is more important than that to post content that adds value to people’s lives.

Therefore, it is better for you to invest more time building good content and a powerful marketing strategy where content matters, than simply publishing for publishing.

Content without identity, without purpose and without a foundation based on the marketing objective, will only waste your time and money.

Here, even what we mentioned above is valid: quantity is not quality.

Focusing on quality will bring people who are following your real estate closer together. Because quality content adds value, helps people, makes people stop what they are doing to learn more, etc.

Advertise on Instagram to reach more people with similar interests – And then remarket

And finally, we can’t fail to mention the importance of Instagram ads to help drive sales. However, before making paid advertisements, it is very important to have your strategy well defined, to know exactly where to invest and how to invest.

With the right ads, you’ll only impact the people you target.

In addition, you can use remarketing to advertise only to people who have already interacted with an ad or with your real estate profile in some way.

Focusing on the long term can bring a lot of relevance, a lot of authority and, of course, a lot of sales to your real estate through Instagram.